Rani Quotes

**Fifty thousand people on the beach watching `Chalte Chalte` with me, then asking me questions about the songs and dances, the idiom and language of expression was incredible. I don`t think I`ll ever forget my experience in Casablanca.

**My schedule for the day is somewhat fixed. I wake up early; go for my work-out. Play with the baby for a while, get ready and then I am off for my shoots. After work, I come home directly, play with her as long as she is awake. Then I have my dinner and hit the bed. That`s it. My life revolves around my shooting schedules and Myeisha`s daily routines.

**It`s frustrating for the media to see me going about my work like Florence Nightingale – They`d like me to be Rangeeli Rani.

**I`d rather have a room full of cuddly teddy bears than a diamond necklace in a safe deposit locker.

**The kiss with Kamal Haasan (in Hey! Ram) was mechanical. He was constantly checking the right angle. Where was the passion?

**I`d never trade my dad`s house, even for Buckingham Palace. I`m very sentimental about living with my parents.

**On Replacing Aishwarya Rai in Chalte Chalte (2003): As a matter of fact, and I have said this before, I was the original choice for this role. Shah Rukh spoke to me about the film during Asoka. I didn`t have dates, so Ash replaced me. When she couldn`t do the film for whatever reason, Shah Rukh asked me to do it. I love Aamir and Shah Rukh in a different way. When Shah Rukh asks, I can`t say no.

**On the State Dinner with President Pervez Musharraf: It was like a dream come true! To just be part of such an event made me feel that I`ve done something to achieve this. All the biggest dignitaries from both sides of the border were so cultured and down-to-earth. When I was invited, I was disbelieving and overjoyed. I`m really looking forward to going to Pakistan. Let`s see where the invitation comes from. Maybe it will come directly from the Begum (President Musharraf`s wife). They actually want me and Latabai (Lata Mangeshkar) to come to Pakistan!.

**I don`t party, I don`t get drunk and I don`t have affairs. So all my passion goes into my work.

**I am here to act, entertain and make good films. I don`t want to work hard for a film which does not even get released. I will cooperate with my director and help him make a good film. I get disappointed if my co-actors don`t put in as much as I do. Today I am looking for banners and costars who have the same goal as me — to work towards making a good film with dedication. I have made mistakes in my career, but that is just the learning process.

**Kamal Hassan re-invented the actress in me after the `Hey Ram` experience.

**I am in the profession of acting and so to suit the character I sometimes have to indulge in kissing and provocative scenes. I have never felt comfortable shooting for kissing sequences. Although, kissing scenes like the ones in Yuva with Abhishek Bachchan and in Hum Tum with Saif were shot in an aesthetic manner. I am still pretty much uncomfortable performing such scenes.

**I can never be rude to people who want photographs and autographs, but I don`t like to be followed and stared at constantly.

**When Karan wanted my voice to be dubbed for `Kuch Kuch Hota Hai`, I really thought that it was bad and very husky and rough, but slowly I worked to improve my diction, and am now quite comfortable with it.

**You sign two films with a hero and it`s said you`re having a scene with him. Please, the only scenes I`m into are in front of the camera.

**On her character in The Rising (2005): “See, my role started as a cameo. I was supposed to play the widow Jwala`s character – yes, the one Aishwarya Rai was supposed to have done. Now Amisha Patel is doing that. When I read the script, I fell in love with the small role of the prostitute. There were two or three very good scenes. The script underwent a change, and I got more space than before. But it`s still a cameo – nothing like what Smita Patil did with Ketan Mehta in Mirch Masala, though I wish had.”

**Why should I try to imitate Kajol? I am not a mimicry artist.

**I can’t go upto everyone and tell people, please don’t write or talk about Govinda or me. he is a friend, just like Preity is.

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